Help Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 Help ()
 ~Help ()
DString getHelp (const DString &)
DString getHelp (const char *bean)

Static Public Member Functions

static DString getVersion ()

Private Attributes

DHashMap< DString > * contents

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Help::Help (  ) 

References contents.

Help::~Help (  ) 

References contents.

Member Function Documentation

DString Help::getHelp ( const char *  bean  )  [inline]

References getHelp().

Referenced by getHelp().

DString Help::getHelp ( const DString &  keyWord  ) 

References contents.

Referenced by Parser::processCommand().

static DString Help::getVersion (  )  [inline, static]

Field Documentation

DHashMap<DString>* Help::contents [private]

Referenced by getHelp(), Help(), and ~Help().

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